Webinar Creation - Redwood BBDO x FedEx

How we beat Brexit uncertainty with FedEx


What they wanted

Brexit posed a vast logistical challenge to businesses across Europe. And, as a global logistics leader, FedEx wanted to navigate customers through the uncertainty with an expert webinar. However, this would need to fit around the busy schedules of thought leaders and flex to fit different potential negotiation outcomes.

What we did

We took an agile approach to production; through careful preparation and tight project management, we were able to carry out the audio edit, design and motion graphics in parallel. This enabled us to create a best-in-class webinar that contained up-to-date Brexit news.


How it went

The webinar was published when Brexit was at the peak of the news cycle, so FedEx was able to lead ahead of rivals. The educational content was also hugely effective at preparing customers for the changes -  the rejection rate on FedEx deliveries at the end of the transition period was a fraction of most competitors.


“Remote CTRL brings a fresh approach to webinar production which has cut production times in half, enabling FedEx to establish itself as the market leader in solving the shipping problems affecting many businesses. Adam is great with clients and ensures the recording process is enjoyable rather than just endured, which is a huge bonus when working with time-poor executives.”

Aarati Karia, Business Director, Redwood BBDO


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