Spotify audio ads for RingCentral 

Expanding a brand to Spotify land


What they wanted

When RingCentral were looking to build brand awareness in the UK, we looked at a range of opportunities, one being audio advertising. Seeing how Spotify was in the process of launching their self serve platform, this enabled us to do what we do best - quick, nimble and efficient production utilising our skilled creative network.

What we did

Working with seasoned podcast producer Tom Whalley (The Huey Show, Kermode & Mayo's Film Review), we produced 4x 30s ads, leaning into the 4 key brand pillars of ease, hybrid working, security, and reliability. Additionally, we worked with a composition and sound design team to develop a custom audio ident to reflect the strap line of "Call, meet, message, all in one app".


How it went

Although early days, the metrics show that the CTRs of the respective ad groups are outperforming the benchmark figures by 2x and 3x. The project was a true collaborative effort with the client being properly involved with the creative, resulting in a high quality, congrouous addition to a multi channel marketing campaign.


“This project was a success thanks to the Remote Ctrl team's accuracy and agility. By bringing in the right specialists, they delivered 4 spot-on creative assets, all according to the brand pillars, well before the deadline.”

Michael Frearson, Head of International Brand, RingCentral


All of our work is a collaboration - we couldn’t do it without great clients

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