Infographic design for RingCentral 

Bringing statistics to life for a Blue Monday report


What they wanted

As part of a PR drive, RingCentral had a large scale report conducted through Ipsos focusing on the wellbeing of workers in a post pandemic, digital world. Our task was to work with the team and ensure we were telling their story in an eyecatching and unique way.

What we did

We worked with RingCentral on the UX of the infographic to ensure the data and message all aligned across a few iterations, and then enlisted the talents of Bristol-based illustrator Nay Groves to bring the report to life.


How it went

This was a hugely collaborative and enjoyable project to work on, with the in house team really refining the message, while affording us plenty of space creatively. This meant we ended up with a great piece of content, which was aided by a set of social cards both static and animated, to be used around Blue Monday.

Click here for the full infographic


“Data visualisation isn't easy. The team at Remote CTRL guided us through that process of matching up the numbers, the story and the visuals. What we ended up with was a quality piece of content with a compelling message that also looks great. We're also really happy with the level of coverage we generated with this story, and the infographic was a key part of that.”

Michael Frearson, Head of International Brand, RingCentral


All of our work is a collaboration - we couldn’t do it without great clients

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