Remote CTRL goes global -  Podcasting for Barclays India

Creating local podcast content 4,500 miles away


What they wanted

When the Barclays India marketing team learned about our process and techniques for podcast production, they were keen to work with us to produce a local podcast for their investment clients. However, in the midst of a strict lockdown, with no option to procure equipment, we had to really push the limits of our production, both pre and post.

What we did

We always approach work as a collaboration, and this was a shining example of it. The client and their guests were really on board with working to get the best sound, doing many retakes due to background sound, recording locally on multiple devices, and even working in high temperatures with AC switched off while recording!


How it went

With the effort made by the team in India, we were able to produce good quality recordings. And coupled with sophisticated digital processing, this meant a good end product, which has been well received across their local market and a great demonstration of the collaboration at the heart of everything we do.


“Adam showed great flexibility to work with us and develop a good quality product, which has helped us to maintain a good relationship with our customers in difficult times ”



All of our work is a collaboration - we couldn’t do it without great clients

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