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Unlocking a wealth of expertise for Barclays Private Bank


What they wanted

Barclays Private Bank wanted to showcase their luxury property expertise to high net worth clients. So, working with Redwood BBDO, we proposed a podcast series called Real Estate Realities. To make it happen we needed to find a way to bring together time-poor experts mid-lockdown from around the world and publish at the pace of the fast-moving property market.

What we did

A premium execution was critical to the success of the podcast. So we invested time and care into coaching expert guests in advance on how to optimise their tech and acoustic set-ups at home. Through audio production and remote technical support, we were able to create a relaxed recording environment that captured authentic confident performances first-time and delivered superb audio quality.


How it went

Not only did our remote approach produce better results than a traditional studio, but it also proved far more cost-effective. As a result, Barclays was able to save on it’s production budget and invested in supporting assets instead. The flexibility we were able to offer has helped the bank get more from their time-poor experts and connect better with hard-to-reach audiences.


“In even the most pressurised working conditions Adam never compromised on the quality and that was particularly evident in our series of weekly investor podcasts. His in-depth knowledge of audio production technology and processes instantly made all stakeholders feel relaxed and his understated northern sense of humour encouraged a natural dialogue between speakers.”

Caleb Culverwell, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Barclays Private Bank


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