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We help brands to be heard. With our technical expertise and an extensive, agile network of creative and production professionals, Remote-CTRL delivers better quality audio—faster.


Founded by audio/visual and production specialist Adam Gow, Remote-CTRL is a production company that helps you create quality audio content wherever you are.


Make audio production great again

With remote working having completely altered the industry’s landscape, the media production playbook has been rewritten. Fortunately for us, we love a challenge.

Time to get comfortable

We’ve worked with clients across multiple industries, and have noticed one common theme: people are more comfortable recording in their own environment. Whether it’s at your own office or at home, when you feel at ease, it shines through. As a remote studio, we bring the technical capabilities of a full-service studio into a space that suits you.


Living rooms are the new control rooms

When you go remote, you’re in the driving seat, with full control over every aspect of the production process. You set the location, and avoid the hassle of traipsing back and forth across town. You set the budget, with the ability to cut back on studio and travel costs. You set the time, without the constraints of studio availability. The power is in your hands.

Why go remote?

Studios used to be best in class when it came to recording audio. In fact, up until recently, they were requirements if you wanted quality sound. However, the advances in AV technology mean that’s no longer the case. It’s easy to get studio-level sound from anywhere. Microphones are clearer; sound quality is crisper; mixing is more efficient. And when studio rental often accounts for 10% of production budgets, remote production makes a lot more sense.

The Remote-CTRL Method


1. Discover

Brief   Team   Constraints

We meet your team, clarify the brief, connect with stakeholders and contributors, identify challenges, agree ideal turnaround times and select the right process and platforms for the job.

2. Plan

Timelines    Process   Equipment

We plan and agree on the what, when and how of the production process, including meetings, equipment procurement, technical testing and production of supporting assets.


3. Produce

Test   Record   Edit

We review the process with contributors, warm them up, capture the content, re-take if necessary and deliver a first-pass raw edit and transcript for your initial feedback.

4. Refine

Re-edit    Mixdown    Master

We fine-tune the content to address your feedback, tighten up gaps, remove excess ‘ums’ and ‘errs’, do a final content edit and master the audio mix for ultimate fidelity.

Clients benefit from a fully managed process from producers who understand their challenges. We’ve worked with:


Our Values

We work with you, not for you.

Great work involves active collaboration from both sides, and the best projects invariably have the most dedication from the clients.

Relationships are relationships.

From our first project, we’ll each learn about how the other works, and how to get the best out of the collaboration.

Soft skills are our specialty.

We pride ourselves on creating as welcoming an environment as possible for your team and contributors to perform in.

Communication is always key.

The more we understand the challenges you face, the more we can do to anticipate any problems and provide solutions.

We’re proud of our network.

We’re lucky to know a whole host of other agencies and freelancers. If we can’t service your needs, we’ll help find someone who can.

Good work tends to take time.

We’ll work with you to structure the project in a way that suits your team, all while helping you to hit those crucial deadlines.

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